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Wheel Alignments

Improve Tire Life with a John Bean Alignment

John Bean Alignment Service

Your vehicle comes from the factory with its wheels adjusted for long tire life and safe handling. Over time and from regular car operation, it's possible for misalignment to occur.

At Express Tire & Auto Service, we know the importance of a wheel alignment for tread life and safety. That's why we use a John Bean Alignment System with up to a 166" Wheelbase. We're the only shop in our area with this alignment system.

John Bean is a leading brand of service equipment for garages and tire shops. With over a century of history, John Beans remains a trusted name for mechanics and technicians worldwide. John Bean wheel aligners use state-of-the technology for accuracy and speed, innovating the automotive service industry through increased productivity. This means you spend less time waiting.

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We serve Taylor, Pa, Scranton, Pa, Old Forge, Pa, and surrounding areas.

Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

If your vehicle is out of alignment, you may experience any of the following problems:

  • Irregular Tire Wear
  • Side Pulling (car pulls to right or left of road when you're trying to drive straight)
  • Off center steering wheel
  • Vibration in steering wheel

Some tire alignment problems overlap with potential other causes. A technician can verify whether or not the cause of your problem is related to unaligned wheels. The realignment of your tires and wheels can have great benefits like stopping irregular wear, restoring fuel economy, and restoring the overall performance of your vehicle.

It's recommended that you check your alignment whenever purchasing new tires to ensure you're on track to get the best tread life from them. If you have any questions, talk with a friendly member of our service department today.

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